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To the colours

I've never coloured my hair before, so I was a bit scared to do it myself. After reading the instructions properly it all worked out well. My grey hair is completely gone, my hair feels vibrant and the colour is exactly as I expected. The colour is more natural than I could ever imagine.

Annemiek de Jong

Sometimes I had a similar product added to my hair dye at the hairdresser, which I was very satisfied with. Now that I dye my hair at home with WECOLOUR due to price concerns, I've started using the Colour Mask. I have just added it to my hair dye. I have to say: I was very impressed with the result. My hair felt very healthy and soft after dyeing. For me, WECOLOUR Colour Mask is here to stay!


High quality hair dye. It is such a difference, I'm never going to use anything else ever again! I have no more itching and it's much softer for my scalp and hair.


The colour is beautiful, my hair is shining and feels very healthy. The hair dye doesn't have that chemical smell and I love the grey coverage. I am very happy with this product and I recommend it to everyone.

Angelique van der Klugt

Nice website, good test to make sure you pick the right colour. In a great packaging that fits through the mailbox. Because of the elaborate user manual the dyeing went well, the product smells good and I don't have a burning feeling on my scalp. I'm very happy with the product!


It's a great product in my opinion. My hair has a shine. I used the mousse, shampoo and conditioner as well. I will keep buying this product.


I've been using all of the products from WECOLOUR for about two weeks now (from hair dye to the mousse) and I am more than satisfied. The number one for me is the Dark Bamboo, it gave me my curls back!


Easy and frugal to use because of the comb that's included. The colour advise from the website was great. I usually have a 6.0 dark blonde, but this time I was advised to use the 7.0, and it's perfect.


I used the hair dye from WECOLOUR for the first time and the result was perfect! 


I really love all of the products. Everything I've ordered has been super. I'm really happy with it. Lovely mousse, gives a lot of volume.


I'm really happy! The dye is delivered in a handy package, including gloves and a brush. The colour mahogy brown turned out as it should. Also stays beautiful for a long time.


The 5.1 ash brown is a super great hair dye! Didn't have hair loss as I usually do with other dye. Good and long coverage! I'm a fan! I'll definitely order more often.


Amazing product! My hair stayed really soft after dyeing. It still feels soft! It's a beautiful mahogany colour, the 4.65.

Helene M

The webiste is very clear. I ordered the 7.3. It was delivered quickly and the packaging looks nice. I applied the dye with the brush that came with it and it turned out perfect! 


It's a great product and I love the colour 11.1 (very light ash blond). It's true that you don't have to use the whole tube at once, you can save the rest for later. I'm very happy with the results!


I purchased the colour 9.13 (light sand blonde). This hair dye is really nice. It's of great quality and my hair has a healthy glow! I will definitely buy it again the next time I need to dye my hair!


It's a great dye and it covers my grey hair really well, I'm really happy with the product! The gold darkblond 7.3 is a really pretty colour and I will definitely buy here again. 


The dye is very good. The hair does indeed stay soft, unlike with normal hair dye. The colour 9.13 is beautiful. The service at WECOLOUR is pretty good too!!


The hair dye from WECOLOUR covers my grey hair really well. They gave me free advice on the hair colour and we agreed on the 10.01 very light natural blond. The colour and customer service are fantastic! 


Nice dye and a really pretty hazelnut light brown colour! The colour is as beautiful as you can see on the website. And after dyeing, my hair was really soft. I'll definitely order here again.


I used the colour 8.1 ash blond from wecolour a few weeks ago. I'm still so happy with the result and I'm going to order a new package right away!


A really nice hair dye, I picked the copper red light brown (6.64). My hair turned to a really nice colour. It also shines really nicely again. All in all, I'm really happy with the results.


Really great service, nice product, great smell and easy to use! The colour turned out really beautiful. I used the colour natural light blonde. I won't be using any other hair dye ever again!


Great service from WECOLOUR! The product, Argan Silk, feels good for my hair and isn't oily. My hair feels great.


I didn't have a burning feeling during the processing time of the dark blonde hair dye. It really has perfect grey coverage and the colour is absolutely beautiful. Nice warm and shiny, I'm really happy with it.


This chocolate brown colour is exactly the colour I wanted, a nice warm colour. I have a feeling this colour will last for a long time and my hair is less frizzy, good stuff!


I'm very happy about everything. The delivery, the package with contents and the results. I've used the caramel dark blonde and I'm definitely going to order it again.


So glad that I found WECOLOUR! The dark brown hair dye is beautiful and lasts long. My hair has never been so soft. I highly recommend it!


Good gray coverage with the hair colour 5.0. My hair feels wonderfully soft. The colour is beautiful and lasts long. Really recommend it!

M. Vermeulen

The 5.0 is a great hair colour! The coverage is really good, on my gray hair as well. It smells amazing. My hair is so soft after rinsing and I dye my roots with it. Nice product.


I'm used to using hairwax, but usually from the drugstore. I found that the hold of WECOLOUR Wax is excellent and there's no need to use more wax during the day. For a whole day I just needed a tiny amount.


Very satisfied with this hair dye. I had a beautiful, natural coverage with colour light natural blonde. It is very easy to apply and I did'nt end up with a green hue on my bleached hair. I will order at WECOLOUR again.


The hair dye covers my grey hair completely and it's easy to apply. I won't spend money on the hairdresser anymore, but keep ordering it online. The dye really has such good quality and I could recomment it to anyone! 


The package arrived one day after I ordered it! After dyeing, my hair looked gorgeous. The instructions were very clear and the colour looked better than when my hairdresser dyed it. 


I bought the WECOLOUR shampoo. It's amazing! My hair is shining and extremely soft. It''s so good for my fine hair. 


Great product, my hair has a nice shine and the shampoo and conditioner make my hair feel incredibly soft. 


I bought multiple products from WECOLOUR. The shampoo, conditioner, hair dye and the Argan Silk. I am more than happy, and I'm going to place a second order. 


The products are pretty nice. No itching scalp and the shampoo, conditioner and Volume Mousse are my favorites! I will order here again the next time.


The dark bamboo is ideal for my dry and frizzy hair. I've tried many things to get rid of my frizzy hair but only this product worked!


The shampoo, conditioner and Argan Silk are such great products. From the feeling to the scent, I'm a big fan!


Great products! I will absolutely buy here again. The dye and dark bamboo are fantastic! My hair is shining and looks healthy again.


Quick delivery and a great product of high quality. It's easy to wash out and it doesn't stick to your head. I'm very happy with the colour as well. 


Ordered shampoo and can also recommend this product! Delivery was fast and employees are very friendly on the phone. I will order more.


They are really customer friendly and are always trying to get the best results as possible. I always went to the hair dresser to get my hair coloured and now I can do it myself. I really don't see the difference, the result is very beautiful.


I’m so happy with WECOLOUR hair dye! It feels like getting a present when I find it in my mailbox. The hair dye is easy to apply, it smells good and the colour is really beuatiful. The shampoo and conditioner make my hair soft and let the colour shine even more. I am a big fan of WECOLOUR!


I'm very impressed by the quality of the products of WECOLOUR. I've had an allergic reaction to PPD and was anxious to use any hair colour again. After I did the allergy test I was positively surprised and it confirmed that I could use the products of WECOLOUR. I had the copper red colour which is very beautiful and does not fade.

Lielke Delissen

I am very satisfied with the service of WECOLOUR. It took a while to find the right blonde colour, but you'll receive advice if requested. Well packaged, no chemical odor and my hair feels soft and shiny after dyeing. It doesn't affect the quality of my hair! I will definitely order it again!


My hair was pretty damaged so I was scared to dye it. In the end, I ended up dyeing it with wecolour. I found out it's not bad for your hair at all! It feels soft and looks nice. 


Very satisfied and happy I ordered this hair dye.....  pure, mild smell, nice colour, good grey coverage. I ordered before 16.00, didn't pay any shipment costs and found it in my letterbox the next day. The colour stays beautiful and next time I order more products. Even cheaper!


The information they give is clear and honest. Friendly and assertive people working in the customerservice. I ordered the dye at 15:45, and it was delivered the next day in a neat package. Now about the dye: I started to get grey when I was 20 so I let it get dyed professionaly. This got too expensive really quickly. So I started to buy and use box dye. This made my hair feel dry and damaged and it didn't even cover all my grey hairs. I ordered WECOLOUR hair dye a few weeks ago and was surprised in such a good way. It feels so good and covers all my grey! And it's easy to use, doesn't drip or hurt my scalp. Great colour and has a nice shine. Amazing! 


What a great product, the hair dye from WECOLOUR! Easy to use and the colour turned out gorgeous. I'm very happy! 


I'm very happy with the colour. I used the 7.1 ash darkblonde. It's easy to apply and smells nice. I will definitely use these products again.

Wil S.

The reviews I read online were so positive, I just had to order something. I chose for the colour 11.1 and I have to say that I'm more than satisfied with the result. The instructions were clear and it caught on to my hair really well! 


Great product, it smells very good and the colour covers my grey hair very beautifully. Colour lasts very long! Highly recommended! I will order again.


I ordered dark brown hair colour, applied it and I'm completely satisfied! Personally, I get a better result than the expensive hairdresser gets with my hair... So happy that I found you and that the quality and result of the hair dye without PPD is so good!


I finally found a hair dye which I'm not allergic to! They sent me a tester of the dye and hydrogen peroxide so I could see if I could use it safely, and I could!


The 9.1 ash lightblonde is a very pretty colour. The dye is easy to use and I'm satisfied with the result. The dye smells good and I'm planning to order here again. 


I'm very satisfied with the hair dye. I messaged them on Facebook and they helped me very kindly. The colour dark brown turned out really nice and my hair looks healthy.


I've been using the colour dark brown for a short amount of time, but I'm already more than satisfied of the result. It smells delicious, it's easy to use and my hair feels soft. I immediately ordered for the next time I need to dye it.


I ordered the 5.1 ashbrown for the second time do dye my roots. Super satisfied and the colour lasts at least as long as it does from the hairdresser. It looks great so I'm very happy.


The package was neatly packed, everything I needed was included. Plastic gloves, a comb and shampoo and conditioner. The colour 9.1. covered my grey hair well. Great service, would recommend! 


Very clear instructions. Easy to apply at home. Result is a very beautiful colour ash light brown 6.1 and a good coverage.


The result when I dyed with the 7.4 was very nice. The colour looks natural, rich and it stays in my hair much longer than other brands. My hair feels soft and the dye didn't irritate my sensitive scalp.


This hair colour is amazing! The 6.0 light brown is a beautiful colour. Despite my different hair colours, my hair takes up this colour very evenly. After dyeing your hair it looks very natural and healthy.


My scalp is very sensitive and I had almost accepted the fact that I couldn't dye my hair anymore. I was desperate! Until I tried WECOLOR. That worked pretty well. Now that I also add the Color Mask to my hair dye, I don’t have a prickling sensation on my scalp anymore. I am so happy with this!


Great dye. It feels great and doesn't have that smell. I ordered the caramel dark blonde. My hair feels great, much softer, and it has more volume. The colour is also amazing! 

El S

I have never dyed my hair on my own before so I was very nervous to say the least. However, the instructions were very clear so I knew exactly what to do. Because I have short hair I am able to use one package two times. The colour 10.01 is exactly what I wanted, and I will definitely order here again.


The hair colour chocolate brown is a gorgeous, warm colour. The colour doesn't fade as quick as others do and it covered all my grey hairs! Very happy with the product.


My package came pretty quickly and I dyed my hair with the 6.1 ash lightbrown. The colour looks very good, after washing it for a few months, the colour looked exactly the same as it did when I first saw it. 


First thing: the products are easy to use and have good quality. Second: The customer service was great! Quick witted, assertive people who are always friendly and offer a solution.


The hair dye regarding the scent, texture and effect on my hair, is perfect. It's easy to apply and the result looks very, very natural. My hair has a gorgeous shine.


A friend of mine advised me to use the colour 8.1 from WECOLOUR and what can I say... the colour turned out perfectly. It looks very natural and covers my grey hairs 100%. And it didn't hurt at all! It would have saved me countless hours and euros if I had known this earlier. Such a great product! 


The 8.0 is a pretty, warm colour and it looks good immediately after washing the dye out. It looks even better after I washed my hair a few times, more natural, as if I didn't dye it. My haye doesn't dry out and it has a nice shine. The coverage is great and the colour stays in my hair very long! 


My scalp is very sensitive and I almost gave the thought of ever dyeing my hair up. This was until I used WECOLOUR. That went pretty well, but because of their advice I mixed in the colour mask. I don't feel any stinging or burning anymore! It makes dyeing my hair so much more comfortable. 


I chose the black hair colour. My natural hair is dark brown and 50% grey. It covers well and stays beautiful for a pretty long time. It smells good. Nothing chemical.


I am very happy with this dye without ammonia. I notice that my scalp isn't so irritated anymore and that my hair looks even healthier than before I used the dye. The colour 7.1 is beautiful and doesn't have that nasty smell. Me and my hair are very happy with it! 


After dyeing my roots were gone and my hair felt nice and soft. I picked one tone lighter than the colour I originally wanted because the website says their colours are darker than others. I chose the 8.0 and the I am very happy with the colour. It did turn out darker, just like they said. I will order here again. 


I've dyed my hair for years using henna and I thought I'd never get rid of it. I was finally able to dye my hair again because of WECOLOUR! I used the copper red lightbrown 6.64 and it turned out a beautiful red. 


Dyed my hair using the mahagony red brown 4.65 from WECOLOUR and it's a big success! The colour turned out great and what's more important, I didn't get any allergic reaction! 


My hair was grey for the most part, but the part that wasn't, was still dyed. I used the colour 6.71 on all of my hair. The dye doesn't drip, making it easy to apply and the result is gorgeous. They said the colour would look natural and it does. 


I dyed my hair today with the mahagony brown 5.5. The result is very pretty. The dye caught on really, the colour is gorgeous and my hair feels healthy.


A great product to use if you have a sensitive scalp. It didn't hurt at all. It didn't cover all my grey hairs, though that doesn't matter much to me. There was no orange glow while I did use an ashtone. I'm a fan! Also a big thumbs up to the people in the customerservice, who helped me kindly. 


I'm very happy with the result WECOLOUR hair dye! I ordered the colour very light natural blonde. The colour turned out really nice and my hair feels healthy. The dye didn't have that strong smell and is very easy to use. I also use the Argan Sik serum and my hair felt very soft after using it. And last but not least: the dye and the serum are not tested on animals!



I tried the wax as a test person and was surprised by the quality of it. What I liked very much was that it doesn't stick and smells very good. You can remodel your hair during the day because it stays pliable. I'm a huge fan!


Very satisfied and happy I ordered this hair dye.....  pure, mild smell, nice colour, good grey coverage. I ordered before 16.00, didn't pay any shipment costs and found it in my letterbox the next day. The colour stays beautiful and next time I order more products. Even cheaper!


Great website, and ideal that you can use professional hairdye at home in this way, saves time and money. The result was beautiful. No more gray hair to be seen and my hair looks very healthy.


I'm glad I don't have to throw away my shirt away anymore after dyeing my hair.


I no longer have to search for an old towel and the hair dye cape really does not let any liquid through. Should have used years before!


Very easy to use and clean in the blink of an eye under the tap!


My hair is very long and I can mix the hair dye very well in this mixing bowl. It is also very stable so it doesn't topple over.


These hair clips stay in place very well in my hair.


I keep these hair clips with my other hair dye stuff, they are very convenient to use.


This tint brush is a perfect blend of soft and stiff to give optimal control.


Finally a fine hairdressing brush. Still the best method for me to dye my hair.


From now on I will dye my hair myself in a 'professional' way. With this kit, nothing will ever be missing to really achieve a top result.


Just like the other WECOLOUR products, this package is also of very good quality!


Just like the other products from WECOLOUR, this package is also of very good quality!


I have used the No-yellow mousse many times. It's super and doesn't give the purple hue like most silver shampoos.


I love No-yellow Mousse! It smells delicious and has the right thickness, which makes it very easy to distribute. Super result from colour level 8 to colour height 11 (an icy glow). It also makes my frizzy hair nice and smooth.