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Which hair colour suits my skin?

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If you want to know which hair colour suits you, first check whether your skin has a warm (gold/yellow) or a cool undertone (pink/bluish). Now that you know whether you're a cool or a warm type, take a further look. Are you a summer, spring, winter or autumn type? As soon as you know which type you are, you can choose a hair colour that suits your skin. 


Does my skin have a warm or a cool undertone?

To find out which hair colour suits your skin, start by determining the undertone of your skin. Cleanse your face so that it no longer has any makeup on it and wrap your hair in a white towel (your current hair colour may be distracting). Grab a t-shirt with a warm tone (red/orange/yellow/brown) and a t-shirt with a cool tone (blue/purple/gray/black). Then put on the t-shirts one by one and see what these colours do to your skin. If putting on the red shirt creates a sort of harmony, you're probably a warm type. But if it rather accentuates the red spots in your skin, you're probably a cool type. The same type of logic applies to the cool t-shirt. If it makes you look pale, you probably have a warm undertone. If it creates a harmony, you probably have a cool undertone. There's neutral undertones as well. That means both warm and cool colours will look good on you. Lucky you!

Are you a summer, winter, spring or autumn type?

Now that you know if you have a cool or warm undertone in your skin, you can determine which seasonal type you are. The majority of the European population falls under one of these types. People with cool undertones are either summer or winter types, and people with warm undertones are spring or autumn types.

Summer type (cool)

A summer type has an ashy, cool undertone with blue/pink tints. Any freckles are more grey-brown than they are a golden yellow. The hair is naturally ash blonde to dark blonde, or slightly matte brown. The eyes are gray, green or blue. A well-known summer type is Cameron Diaz and Allison Williams.

Winter type (cool)

To make it even more difficult, there's two wintertypes: the Snow White type and the dark winter type. The Snow White type has a light skin with a cool undertone that doesn't tan easily. The hair often forms a strong (dark) contrast. The eyes of Snow White are deep blue, green, brown or a grey blue. The dark winter type has skin that's tan almost all year round, but still has a cool undertone - recognisable by light pink blushes. The hair is dark blonde to black and the eyes are brown, black-brown, green-brown, grey-green or grey-blue. Well-known Snow White winter types are Courtney Cox and Elizabeth Taylor, and a famous dark winter type is Catherina Zeta-Jones.

Spring type (warm)

A spring type has a peachy to ivory beige skin. Summer freckles are common in spring types. The hair is blond to medium blond and has a beautiful natural shine. The colour can vary from red and copper to gold, but it always has a warm glow. The eyes are a warm brown, jade, green/blue, bright blue in colour. The eyebrows are often very light, almost transparent. Well-known spring types are Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Kidman.

Autumn type (warm)

The autumn type has a warm creamy skin (think of coffee milk) with a golden glow that tans well. The hair is medium or honey brown. Dark brown is also possible, but then you often see a characteristic red glow. The colour of the eyes often remind people of olive, hazelnut, petrol or turquoise and is therefore between brown and green. Well-known autumn types are Jennifer Lopez and Julia Roberts.


Which hair colour suits your skin?

Summer types are often light types, so it is best to choose a dark blonde to light blonde hair colour. Natural and ash tones look best with the cool skin of a summer type:

  • 7.0 dark blonde
  • 7.1 ash dark blonde
  • 8.0 natural blonde
  • 8.1 ash blonde
  • 9.0 light natural blonde
  • 9.1 ash light blonde
  • 10.01 extra light blonde
  • 11.1 very light ash blonde

It's best for Winter types to choose a dark hair colour in a natural or ash tone. The following hair colours are beautiful with winter types:

  • 1.0 black
  • 3.0 dark brown
  • 4.1 dark ash brown
  • 5.0 brown
  • 5.1 ash brown

Spring types have a warm undertone in the skin. Therefore they should choose a light warm haircolour for the best result. You can think of the following colours:

  • 9.13 light sand blonde
  • 8.3 golden blonde
  • 7.7 caramel dark blonde
  • 7.3 golden dark blonde
  • 7.4 copper dark blonde (for a lighter version mix with 2/3 10.01 if necessary)

Autumn types are darker and are therefore more fit for warm hair colours. The following hair colours look beautiful on autumn types:

  • 4.65 mahogany red-brown
  • 5.5 mahogany brown
  • 5.7 chocolate brown
  • 6.4 copper light brown
  • 6.64 copper red light brown
  • 6.71 hazelnut light brown

Why WECOLOUR hair colours suit you well

WECOLOUR hair dye is as pure as possible and contains as little harmful substances as possible. You'll notice the difference right away. The hair dye is soft and mild, has a neutral smell and gives your hair a nice natural colour. All of our colours have good coverage on grey hair (the ash and red tints too!). Keep in mind that bright (red) tints look way brighter on light (grey) hair than on darker hair. In that case it's best to mix the colour with a natural tint (ending in .0) at the same colour level. WECOLOUR hair dye can be stored for up to a year: it's ideal for dyeing your roots! A package of hair dye is €19.95, including shipping. If you order two packages, it'll be €16.95 each and with four packages it's only €14.95! The hair dye is delivered in a nice pacakaging that will fit through your mailbox. You can also get a subscription, with which you'll recieve an extra discount on our hair care products as well as the hair dye.

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What our clients say

I am very satisfied with the service of WECOLOUR. It took a while to find the right blonde colour, but you'll receive advice if requested. Well packaged, no chemical odor and my hair feels soft and shiny after dyeing. It doesn't affect the quality of my hair! I will definitely order it again!


Nice website, good test to make sure you pick the right colour. In a great packaging that fits through the mailbox. Because of the elaborate user manual the dyeing went well, the product smells good and I don't have a burning feeling on my scalp. I'm very happy with the product!