Confirmation payment tester hair dye


We have recieved your request for a WECOLOUR hair dye tester. Thank you for your interest! The tester of your requested colour(s) will be shipped to you during business days before 4 p.m. and will be delivered through your mailbox. The tester includes a description on how to best apply it. Make sure to follow the directions exactly to be able to properly check for any possible allergic reactions to WECOLOR hair dye. The correct way of testing takes at least 72 hours. Keep in mind that our hair dye includes TDS, which is related to PPD. So even though our hair dye does not include PPD, you should always be careful if you know you're allergic. 30% of people allergic to PPD are not allergic to TDS.

The red hues don't have TDS in the dye, which makes these colours the best option for people who are allergic to PPD. Our red hues are the mahogany red brown (4.65), copper light brown (6.64) and the copper dark blonde (7.4)

Apply the tester during the day, not at night. You'll be able to inspect your skin for possible allergic reactions better in daylight. An allergic reaction might only arise after a few hours and may get increasingly bad while you sleep. Remove the cream as soon as you feel it itching or stinging. The tester includes a long list of directions, make sure you read it thoroughly.

The letter will also include a personal €5 coupon code for you to use for up to one month after receiving it.