If you dye your hair very regularly, a subscription is a beneficial, good option. With a hair dye subscription from WECOLOUR you are not committed to anything. You can add different colours and products and choose how many weeks you want the hair dye in your mailbox. The subscription can be canceled at any time. Payment is made automatically via Ideal or Paypal. With your first order you can indicate how you want to pay and with that you also give permission to collect this amount from your account. This way you always have your hair dye at home and you never have to think about it again. Handy, right?

A hair dye subscription means that you will receive your desired products periodically, depending on the number of weeks you want between your orders. You don’t pay anything extra for this, but you do get an extra discount and you will never be without your favorite products again. You are not committed to it, because you can cancel your subscription at any time. We collect the money via Ideal and this collection stops when you cancel the subscription.

Hair dye subscription benefits


If you take out a hair dye subscription, you have the following benefits:

How does a hair dye subscription work exactly?

When you go to my account there is a heading 'subscription' under the heading 'data'. Click here. Then there is an explanation how it works and you can create a subscription. The prices are cheaper than normal, but that also means that discount promotions are no longer applicable. You don’t have to worry that you pay too much, because with a subscription it’s always cheaper than with regular promotions. A subscription starts immediately and you can choose to pay with Paypal, Ideal, Creditcard, Bancontact, Giropay and SOFORT Banking. Other payment options are not possible with a subscription. 

Change or cancel hair dye subscription

You cannot change an existing subscription. You first have to cancel your subscription (just press the cancel subscription button) and then you create a new one. You can cancel your subscription at any time and there is no minimum term. You are not tied to anything.

Order a subscription