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WECOLOUR hair dye
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Money back guarantee

Unfortunately, with regard to hair colour it is impossible to make everyone happy. Some people have very hard hair, others have less pigment. Our hair colour is as pure as possible, which sometimes affects the coverage. It is possible for the colour to be disappointing.

If you use the colour tool, at least you know for sure that your hair won't turn green, yellow or pink. You will also always have a colour that will give good grey coverage. If you still have some doubt about placing an order, be assured that you will always get your money back if you are not satisfied. Take a look at our reviews. You will see that sometimes there are people who are not satisfied with the result, but that they are satisfied with the quality of the hair colour and our service. The hair colour is so pleasant to use that there are never any complaints about this aspect. So you can confidently order a package of hair colour.

After you have placed your order, you will receive an email within two weeks with a request to write a review. And we always react to these. But you can also send an email to us directly, in which you express your dissatisfaction. We will then repay the money directly into your account.



What our clients say

I've never coloured my hair before, so I was a bit scared to do it myself. After reading the instructions properly it all worked out well. My grey hair is completely gone, my hair feels vibrant and the colour is exactly as I expected. The colour is more natural than I could ever imagine.

Annemiek de Jong

Sometimes I had a similar product added to my hair dye at the hairdresser, which I was very satisfied with. Now that I dye my hair at home with WECOLOR due to price concerns, I've started using the Colour Mask. I have just added it to my hair dye. I have to say: I was very impressed with the result. My hair felt very healthy and soft after dyeing. For me, WECOLOUR Colour Mask is here to stay!