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WECOLOUR hair dye
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Hair care

WECOLOUR has a few haircare products, and they are all as pure as possible. Better for your hair and scalp. No parabens. sulfates or silicons.

Shampoo for coloured hair
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Conditioner for coloured hair
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Dark Bamboo treatment
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Argan Silk hair serum
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Notice! Order only a colour if you exactly know what colour you ordered before and choose this colour or a darker one. Do not order a lighter one as this does not cover at all. If you have any doubts, please use the colour tool

What our clients say

I have never coloured my hair before, so I was a bit scared to do it myself. After the watching videos and reading the instructions properly it all worked out well. After all, am very happy that I've tried WECOLOUR. My grey hair is completely gone, my hair feels very vibrand and the colour is exactly as I expected. More natural than I could ever imagine.

Annemiek de Jong

The colour is beautiful (6.71), my hair is shining and feels very healthy. The hair colour doesn't have that chemic smell and I love the grey coverage. I am very happy with this product!

Angelique van der Klugt