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WECOLOUR hair dye
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Hair dye applicator bottle
WECOLOUR A WECOLOUR hair colour package does not contain an applicator bottle. You can add this to your package voor €4,50
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Hair dye applicator bottle

Hair dye applicator bottleMany people use a hair dye applicator bottle while dyeing. This is not included in a package of WECOLOUR hair dye, but you can order it additionally. You use the applicator to mix the color cream with the activator. Put both in the mixing bottle and then you shake until the mixture is well-mixed into one even colour. You can then easily apply the hair dye. You can clean and reuse the applicator dosing bottle after use.

Order the applicator bottle

You can add one hair dye applicator bottle as a product to your basket. The mixing bottle costs €7,50. In combination with a product, there's a discount, making the price €5,50.

Unfortunately the applicator bottle does not fit through a mailbox. This way your entire WECOLOUR order will be sent as a package with track & trace instead of a mailbox order. A signature is therefore required for receipt. If desired, you can have the package delivered to a PostNL pick-up location in your area.


Add applicator bottle to basket

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I've never coloured my hair before, so I was a bit scared to do it myself. After reading the instructions properly it all worked out well. My grey hair is completely gone, my hair feels vibrant and the colour is exactly as I expected. The colour is more natural than I could ever imagine.

Annemiek de Jong

Sometimes I had a similar product added to my hair dye at the hairdresser, which I was very satisfied with. Now that I dye my hair at home with WECOLOUR due to price concerns, I've started using the Colour Mask. I have just added it to my hair dye. I have to say: I was very impressed with the result. My hair felt very healthy and soft after dyeing. For me, WECOLOUR Colour Mask is here to stay!