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Tint brush WECOLOUR You can order the sturdy WECOLOUR hairdressing brush for a perfect result for € 6.50 or extra inexpensively in the WECOLOUR kit.
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Tint brush

Many people use a tint brush to dye their hair. These kinds of brushes are also used in hair salons to apply dye to the hair. That's because you can apply the hair dye much easier and more evenly with a brush like this, which you'll be able to notice in the final results.

Have you ordered WECOLOUR hair dye before? Then you'll notice there's already a free brush included in your package. The tint brush you can order as a separate product on this page, is of much higher quality: it's much sturdier, which makes it easier to use and much more precise in applying the dye.


How to use the tint brush 

With the tint brush you can dye the hair at your temples and around your face much better (without applying dye to your face itself). You can also apply the dye better in the way hairdressers do: systematically applying the dye to your hair, in the way the user manual describes.

The end of the brush can be used to make sections in your hair. If you systematically apply the dye to these sections, you'll assure that the dye is applied precisely and evenly. A typical section would be a strip of hair of about 1 cm. Apply the dye to this strip and then flip it upwards to make a new section. By applying it so precisely, you get an optimal distribution of the dye, giving you very good coverage. The results will therefore also be better if you apply the dye using an applicator bottle. This way of applying hair dye is the easiest and fastest way to dye your hair.


The tint brush is made of the eco-friendly bioplastic: a plastic that is bio-based and biodegradable. The material for these hair clips is made up out of hay, among other things. This hay is a residual product that gets left behind once the wheat is harvested. It usually gets burned in Asia. In stead of burning it, the hay is made circular which prevents a lot of carbon emissions. In addition to that, bioplastic is biodegradable. The brush will be easy to clean after use.

How to order the tint brush

You can add the tint brush as a loose product to your basket. As a single product, the tint brush costs € 6.50. If you order a second product, you'll automatically get a discount, making the new price only € 4.50!

Extra discount with a WECOLOUR kit

You can also buy this mixing bowl as part of a complete kit of handy tools for dyeing your own hair: the WECOLOUR kit. This kit contains:

1) this tint brush;
2) a hair dye cape;
3) a set of four handy hair clips made of wheat fiber;
4) a mixing bowl made of wheat fiber.

The whole kit is only € 24.50!





The tint brush will fit through your mailbox. Are you ordering any other products? Then your product might get shipped as a standard DHL package with track&trace to your doorstep. Shipping is free inside The Netherlands and Belgium. Order your tint brush as a single product or as part of the complete kit.

Tint brush
Order now for €6.50

This tint brush is a perfect blend of soft and stiff to give optimal control.


Finally a fine hairdressing brush. Still the best method for me to dye my hair.