Toners after bleaching

use a toner after bleaching

Have you bleached your hair with WECOLOUR bleaching cream, but the end result is still not quite how you want it? Toners offer the solution. A toner neutralises an unwanted yellow, orange or green glow. You can easily make a toner yourself with hair colour and 3% activator. You can read about the different options when it comes to making toners below. 

The theory behind a toner
Oswald star

To understand what a toner does to your hair colour, we'll give you a little background. In the salon world, we work with Oswald's star. Also known as the colour wheel of primary and secondary colours. You may remember it from drawing class back in the day. Colours that are opposite each other neutralise each other. Mix yellow with purple, for example? Then a nondescript dark neutral is created. The expressive element of both colours is removed. And that's exactly what a toner does for your hair. 

When to use what toner

A toner is used when your bleached hair is not quite the colour you want. You may have a lot of warm pigments in your hair and your hair colour may look a bit orange or yellow after bleaching. However, the result can also look very grey/green, in which case you have too little warm pigments in your hair. Finally, you may also find your hair colour a bit dull after bleaching. Then use a toner to add nuance back to your hair. Below is an overview of toners we often use.

A toner for yellow hair

Is the result of your bleached hair a bit yellowish? Then you need a toner with purple/blue pigment. If your hair is not very yellow, then WECOLOUR No-yellow Mousse might be all you need. This is a caring mousse that neutralises yellow tones in hair naturally. Is your hair still not the colour you want after treating it with the No-yellow mousse? Then still use a toner. Depending on your desired colour level, you should opt for:

A toner for orange hair

Does your hair tend more towards orange? Then you need a toner with blue pigment. Is your hair light blonde and does it look very orange? Then choose a toner of the extra ash light blonde (10.11). Is your hair darker? Then, depending on your current colour level, choose one of the following toners. 

It is good to know that you are more likely to get an orange hue if you are very dark by nature (black, dark brown or tan) and then go blonde. You can lighten up to six colour levels with bleaching. So if you have naturally black hair (colour level 1), you can go up to light brown hair (colour level 6). If you have naturally brown hair (colour level 5), you can go up to extra light blonde hair (colour level 10). Also take this into account when choosing a toner. A toner lighter than your current colour level will not have as much effect as a toner in the same colour level. Do you have naturally black hair and has your hair turned orange after bleaching? Then choose a toner of ash light brown (6.1). If your hair was dark brown before bleaching, choose a toner of the ash dark blonde (7.1) or ash blonde (8.1).

A toner for green hair

If your hair looks a little green/grey after bleaching, you don't have enough warm pigments in your hair. You can very easily bring back warmth by adding red pigment to your hair. If it is not very green, you can try a ketchup mask. This may sound messy but it really works. Don't like a ketchup mask or didn't it work? Then depending on the desired result, opt for the following toners:

A toner to add nuance to your hair

Think your hair looks a bit dull after bleaching? Then you can add nuance with a toner. Which toner you use depends on the colour level and shade you want. Basically, you can turn any colour into a toner. Toners we recommend to add nuance back to your hair:

How to make a toner

You can make a toner yourself very easily by mixing the colour cream with 3% activator. This turns it into a rinse, so to speak, which you wash out after 10 to 20 washes. So your hair may need another toner after some time. You can order the desired hair colour via our webshop. You then choose 3% activator, which you mix 1:1 with the colour cream. You usually leave a toner on for 5 to 20 minutes. Check regularly and rinse as soon as the desired colour is achieved. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and then treat it well with WECOLOUR Argan Silk hair serum

Toner result

Is the result still not quite to your liking after toning? Then send a photo via WhatsApp or the mail and our colour specialists will be happy to take a look.